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I care so passionately about helping people who are struggling to find happiness due to problems in their life. Anxiety, panic attacks, anger, stress, low self-esteem, trauma, bereavement, etc can feel overwhelming leaving us feeling exhausted, and disconnected from our family, friends, and life in general.

Tamara Gadd

How Counselling can help you

Professional Counselling can help you feel valued, supported, and back in control. It gives you that time and space to explore and understand your problems more clearly and focuses on finding solutions for a happier and more fulfilling life. You are respected as an individual, and you can talk freely in a confidential non-judgemental space. Your wellbeing and the reasons you come to counselling are paramount and are always at the very heart of how I work. I know this all feels so daunting but I'll be with you every step of the way drawing on my personal and professional experience, helping you to work towards your desired goals, and begin to live life to the full.

My qualifications and experience.

I'm a registered and accredited Counsellor, hypnotherapist and mindfulness practitioner who has a wealth of experience with a diverse client base and problems. I currently work with the NHS and have my own private practice for both adults and teenagers. I also have years of experience working in schools as a pastoral mentor and counsellor and I am an Anxiety UK approved therapist.

I trained as a Psychotherapeutic and Integrative Counsellor which allows you and I to work together using different counselling methods to suits your needs. These methods include psychodynamic, Gestalt, CBT, Person-Centred and mindfulness/creative imagery. I am also a Solution-focused brief trained therapist (SFBT) and a Compassion Focused Therapist (CFT) and include this into my work as it focuses on your goals and the best possible outcomes for your future. I am also a qualified Hypnotherapist which can be incorporated into my work by request only. Hypnotherapy can have life-changing results for anxiety, trauma, depression, low confidence and sport improvement. I have proven success in helping people with weight loss and unhealthy eating habits.

The most important thing about me and how I work is that I am Human, empathetic, approachable and I don't overwhelm you with "jargon talk", we work together as a team.

My background before counselling was in the dance and fitness industry where I helped many people not only with their fitness but their mental health and taught many professional dancers.

Explore & Restore is a unique therapy that I created and I’m very proud of it. It brings together my professional knowledge of all three of my subjects, Counselling, Fitness and mindfulness.

The sessions begin with counselling for exploring problems and working towards goals, followed by floor work for mindfulness deep breathing and specific stretching exercises that will release negative energy, stress and increase flexibility. The session then finishes with a guided progressive muscle relaxation which encourages reflection and the emptying of the mind for a complete mind and body relaxation. Being able to completely switch off and deeply relax has a huge impact on our mental health and overall wellbeing, significantly reducing stress and anxiety. Sessions last for 1 hour 40 minutes.

I am also the creator of a global online support group for women suffering from breast cancer and undergoing a double mastectomy and who need support after such life-changing and disfiguring surgery.

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