Counselling For Adults

Counselling with me will guide you towards finding solutions to your problems as we work together in a compassionate, kind and supportive way. I help you to explore and understand your problems giving you tools to use in your everyday life to help better manage the struggles you face. Being listened to and supported without judgement by a professional counsellor brings the freedom and ability to be able to view things differently which in itself can bring huge changes to your life. I help you to use the courage and wisdom that you have within you, to unravel and make connections from past events to current behaviours and thinking. To have a clearer understanding of why things are the way they are and how they’re not your fault, to gently build your confidence, re-balance your emotional system and make positive life changes so that you can regain control and find happiness. I work wholeheartedly with compassion and kindness putting your well-being at the very centre of our work together. The different modalities that I am trained in and use in counselling include psychodynamic, CBT, Person-centered, Gestalt, positive psychology, solution-focused brief therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy

Why Counselling Can Help

Counselling gives you the opportunity to move towards a happier and more fulfilling life by exploring your problems whilst being listened to and supported. Counselling allows you to share your experiences and problems in complete confidence with a professional in a non-judgemental space. You are respected as an individual and you can talk freely, and feel valued, supported and back in control.

Working towards your desired goals

At the start of our work together we will explore your reasons for coming to counselling and what your goals might be. These are agreed upon and worked towards during our time together. The goals and how you are feeling are assessed throughout our work.