Counselling For Couples

Most couples will go through difficult patches in their relationships, these conflicts can be about, stress build-up, money, anger, tension, and infidelity. When it feels like your relationship is falling apart then Counselling can help

Learn how to resolve conflict

When no one is listening to the other one speaking, no one understands the problem, this then makes it impossible for couples to find solutions for their issues within their relationship. Counselling can help couples develop healthy patterns in managing conflicts through open and honest communication, collaboration, and emotional awareness of both partners.

Setting Goals

Marriage is a partnership in which both partners share the same visions and common goals. Communication and honesty is the key to healthy relationships. Reigniting your love for one another that you first felt when making that commitment to each other, to support each other through better or worse.

Counselling with me

Counselling with me will allow for each individual within the relationship to have their say and express how they are feeling. You can both work through any conflicts to try and find that common ground for rebuilding your relationship together. I use different counselling strategies for achieving the best outcome for both parties.