Frequently Asked Questions

You will find help in addressing your problems with me through counselling in a supportive, compassionate, and caring environment. Because we work together, you will gain the skills needed to manage your problems in everyday life. As a professional counsellor, I listen to you without judgement and support you, which enables you to take a fresh perspective on things. Using your inner courage and wisdom, we will look at how past experiences are connected to current actions and thinking. To have a better understanding of why things are the way they are and why they aren’t your fault, you will be able to build your confidence, rebalance your emotion system, and make positive changes in your life, so that you can regain control and find happiness. I work hard to care for and support you as we work together to help you achieve your well being.

I work across the country using online counselling and therapy and our Face-to-Face counselling sessions would be based at my counselling rooms in Ewhurst, Guildford and Godalming in Surrey.

Counselling provides a non-judgemental and professional space for you to explore problems that may be impacting on your daily life and preventing you from living life to the full. Working with the counsellor you can have a better understanding of the problems you present with and begin to work towards your goals.

The thought of talking about our problems to a Counsellor can feel daunting and nerve-racking, you may even question if you can seek professional help. These thoughts and feelings are all completely normal, and nothing that I am not used to. I am very approachable and non-judgemental and with you every step of the way, we will work as a team.

Taking these steps shows courage and bravery, a determination to start moving from the rain cloud and towards the sunshine. Talking to a professional Counsellor can help you to have better relationships with others and make you feel valued again. You can start to look forward to the day ahead rather than living in dread. You may start to experience a more solid restful night’s sleep, helping you to feel invigorated and energised when you wake. Stress levels will be lowered leaving a calmer more peaceful sense of self and you will feel more in control.