"Tamara was a pleasure to work with to help me get through some of my mental health issues. She makes you feel at ease from the minute you walk through the door and each session passed so quickly it was unbelievable, never felt long enough to be honest.

Her advice and help over the 3 months I’ve seen her has really helped me reframe and be more positive to situations and has helped me understand why I think and react the way I do to them.

I will be going back to her again should the need arise".

Highly recommended.


"Tamara has really helped me when I was not in a good place. Highly recommended."


"I really enjoy our sessions and feel able to be open about everything. I have been working with Tamara for over a year now and have really benefitted from our sessions. I am able, to be honest, and open without fear of judgement. This is the first time I’ve ever done counselling and have also recommended Tamara to someone else. Thank you, Tamara!"


"My sessions with Tam were so valuable, helping me develop insights and skills that allow me to be kinder to myself as well as more curious. I now have so many more resources and reserves to deal with life’s challenges and anxieties that all things feel possible again.”


“Highly, highly recommend Tam at Time4Talking. She was, without question, the catalyst for me moving into a healthier and happier place. I truly appreciated her unfailingly kind and perceptive questioning, gentle challenges to keep exploring and endlessly wise counsel.“